The Scotty Cakes Promise

Scotty Cakes is a family-owned and family-run small business. In our family, almost everything was made from scratch - certainly, all of our baked goods. We're not fans of prefabricated genetically modified, processed foods and mixes. That's why all of Scotty Cakes creations are made from scratch. And when we say "scratch", we mean just that. We flavor many of our desserts with our homemade extracts. The pudding we add to our cakes is made from scratch. Even the marshmallow creme we add to our frostings is made from scratch.

Our handmade sweets, cupcakes and breads are ALL made from some of our favorite family recipes, without any added preservatives or chemicals. Our concept for Scotty Cakes is based on building relationships with our customers. That relationship starts with preparing treats for you as we would for ourselves. Our service style is based on providing our customers with foods made fresh with high quality ingredients and on including healthy choices like our vegan and gluten-free desserts.

At Scotty Cakes, we take food safety seriously. That's why our food handlers have studied from the foodservice experts,We promise that your 100% handmade Scotty Cakes desserts are all prepared from scratch and packaged by Certified ServSafe Food Handlers who are graduates of the ServSafe Food Handler Program designed by the National Restaurant Association.